Monday, April 02, 2007

Sharing Passover recipes

Here are two supreme tasting and supremely easy-to-make Passover recipes. Both are family legacies, one from my family, one from my friend Dorene's family. Both will put smiles on the faces of all who taste them, and garner compliments to the chef.

I share these each year with my Jewish community and now spread their fame to the world. One guiding force for these posts is to be able to find them through Google so there is no panic when the written down recipes get lost or misplaced.


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Anonymous said...

Notes from this year's batch, as prepared by the originator of the recipe:

> Different brands of farfel produce different results. The "Mizvah Matzah" from Osem has pieces of a size that produces different results. American made farfel may work better.
> Be careful in your choice of coconut. SHREDDED works a bit better than the more finer chopped variety. Both work, but the preference is the shredded type.
> RESIST THE URGE TO SAMPLE WHEN THEY COME OUT OF THE OVEN! These things are HOT and you need to wait a bit or you'll burn yourself!
> They need to sit a bit to harden for best taste.