Thursday, April 12, 2007

Counting the Omer Day 9 - 1 week, 2 days

Today is Gevurah she b'Gevurah - a day of strength in a week of strength.

Kurt Vonnegut died yesterday at the age of 84. I can't speak for other generations, but I can say that he is a seminal writer for my baby boomer generation. His books and stories were social commentary, science fiction, satire, incredibly witty and just plain wonderful to read. If you want to know more about him and his writings, there's a great website, The Vonnegut Web. You can find the NYTimes obit here (although this link may expire if you don't subscribe).

The best thing you can do write now is read one of his books or stories. If you haven't read Slaughterhouse Five, run out right now, get a copy and read it. It's the best way to honor this wonderful writer.

Zichrono l'vracha - His memory will be for a blessing, as he will live on through his writings.

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