Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The First Step on the 5770 Omer Trail

היום יום אחד בעמר
Today is the first day of the omer
חסד שבחסד
A day of loving-kindness in a week of loving kindness

Today begins the season of the omer, 5770. For me, it marks the first of 49 blog posts, daily reflections on the road from liberation to revelation. At least, that's the plan :) I don't know how much liberating has been accomplished or what will be revealed, but must always remember that it's taking the journey that counts.

On Day One, 5767, the first year of this writing practice, I was excited about starting something new to guide me in my spiritual path. On Day One, 5768, I was joyful in the practice I shared with others. On Day One, 5779, I was cautiously hopeful with the changes happening in the world. Today at Day One, 5770, I stand at a pivot point in my life. I can see much to look forward to ahead of me, but I must also process the sadness as I separate from what I need to leave behind. So that's this year's starting point--we'll see what transpires and/or transforms in the days and weeks to come.

I welcome anyone who wishes to come along for the ride. I use the kabbalistic sephirot as well as the day and week count. You can find many explanations for this -- click here for one that's dogma free. Check in when you can--comment as you wish. It's nice to have company on the road.