Monday, April 21, 2008

Omer 5768 Day 1

Today is Chesed she b'Chesed - a day of loving kindness is a week of loving kindness.

How nice to start off this week of loving kindness with a surprisingly lively, haimish second day Pesach service. I figured we'd be lucky to get 15 people on a Monday morning after two nights of seders. But a bit more than twice that number gathered at the Beth Sholom Preschool to pray, to sing, to hear Torah. Some were visiting from out of town--the visitor from Korea got the distance award--and some visited from across town, members of shuls who don't have a second day Pesach seder. We had elders and babies and all ages in between. Best of all, there was lots of joy.

Tomorrow a San Francisco building inspector will determine whether we are ready to get our certificate of occupancy. May it be so........

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