Monday, April 07, 2008

Did they have bagels and coffee?

My husband Ken often has great insights into various parts of scripture from both a Jewish and Christian perspective. His mom, Val, is Catholic, and he grew up with church practices. He went to Catholic elementary school and was an altar boy. When he was about 12/13, he was done with it, and through the years has come to his own spiritual base.

Living with me, especially in light of the last 10 years where my involvement in Jewish practice has increased exponentially, has given him new ways to understand certain parts of Christian scripture while also giving me new insight into Jewish scripture.

He recently told me in the Christian Bible there is often mention of people waiting for Jesus while he's off praying--in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the night, but most often in the morning. In fact, it is remarked how he prays for an hour every morning. But Ken now laughs--after all, what's the big deal. Ken understands that Jesus is at his shul's Shacharit minyan. He watches me go to my Shacharit minyan 4 or 5 times every week.

And that's what I like about Jesus. He was a practicing Jew who really got the spiritual hit as well as the moral blueprint for living in this world. He understood the power of prayer on both an individual and group level. He was a minyan regular, just like me.

I wonder what their kiddush was like..........

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