Friday, April 10, 2009

And so we begin.....

היום יום אחד לעמר
Today is the first day of the omer

חסד שבחסד
A day of loving kindness in a week of loving kindness

Another of the Jewish cycles begins today as we start to count the time between Pesach and Shavuot--from liberation to revelation. One brings us freedom to be ourselves in this world; the other gives us the guidance we need to be with others in this world.

I believe that history will record this time as the true beginning of the 21st century. Change is afoot on many levels--politically, economically, technologically, environmentally, spiritually. The mindset of the world needs to be different in order to ensure our survival.

The citizens of the 20th century traveled from a time of isolation to a time of globalization. As the leadership of the 21st century starts from that place of globalization and travels into unknown territory, I can only hope that loving kindness for all people guides them on their way.

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