Monday, April 13, 2009

True Losses for Baseball

היום ארבעה יומים לעמר
Today is the fourth day of the omer

נצך שבחסד
A day of endurance in a week of loving kindness

Baruch Dayan HaEmet

Two losses for baseball today....

Harry Kalas, the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies for almost 40 years collapsed in the broadcast booth and died today, right before the game was to begin. Although it's a sad time for his family, friends, and fans, at least he was able to go out after he called the last out of the Phillies World Series win last fall.

Mark "the Bird" Fidrych was found dead today in what was apparently some sort of accident at his farm. His career was short, but he had that one great rookie year. There was a great spirit about him, his delivery was unique, and he was fun to watch. Below you'll see a 1985 interview with him.

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