Sunday, April 19, 2009

היום עשרה יומים שהם שבוע אחד ושלשה יומים לעמר
Today is the tenth day of the omer - one week and three days

תפרת שבגבורה
A day of compassion in a week of strength

Compassion and strength combine to bring me a day of peace and wellbeing. I led the davening at minyan. After a week away, it felt good to have the prayers of the Shacharit service fill my soul, flow out through my voice, and come back through the voices of those around me.

Back home, Ken had me go through the contents of some boxes stored in the garage--clearing out those things I no longer need to hold on to; discovering things that had been hidden from me for some years. I found old journals that brought me back to earlier times--some I may share as my blogging the omer continues. My collections of knitting needles were uncovered, asking me to pick them up again. And I shed lots of old tax returns, tossing them in a box ready for shedding.

It felt good to rid myself of unnecessary papers and reacquaintance myself with old friends. I also found some old address books. I was going to toss them out, but have decided to look through them before assigning them to the recycle bin. In this Facebook world, I'm going to see who I would like to try and reconnect with from my past. If I find them, I wonder if they will choose to reconnect with me....

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