Thursday, April 26, 2007

Counting the Omer Day 23 - 3 weeks, 2 days

Today is Gevurah she b'Netzach - a day of strength in a week of endurance.

This morning the first of the pre-built forms that will shape the bowl for the new Beth Sholom sanctuary arrived. Once in place, concrete will be poured into the forms to make the structure. You can see all the construction photos at the Beth Sholom blog. And any congregant who would like a site tour should contact the Beth Sholom office. Mark Gunther is happy to be your guide.

With all the issues around having our congregation Bamidbar - in the wilderness - I do gain strength seeing the progress of the construction, hoping we will only have to endure this period until December when we can truly celebrate Hanukkah with the dedication of our new home.

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