Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UP--Thumbs Down

היום שבעה וארבעים יומים שהם ששה שבועות וחמשה יומים לעמר
Today is the forty-seventh
day of the omer - six weeks and five days
הוד שבמלכת

A day of humility in a week of majesty

I just saw the new Disney/Pixar movie, UP. I wouldn't call it a bad movie but, taking the high quality of the animation out of the equation, I thought it was very mediocre.

The plot was pretty standard--an adventure/dream fulfilling/friendship story--yes, I shed some tears, but then again, I'm easily manipulated in that way :) In fact, it seemed that the story was driven by the need to make the cool action sequences, going from one to the other with weak links. The writing wasn't very good; many of the lines predictable. And when it was done, I was left with nothing that stayed with me. It's a movie that is ultimately forgettable.

Yes, the animation is great, with vibrant colors and detail that makes the images pop off the screen. But I need more for a movie to reach me, and this one definitely did not. But a quick look at the early reviews put me in the minority, if this and this and this is any indication.

But I'd rather watch The Incredibles, Ratatouille, or even Cars than UP. And as far as I'm concerned, Wall-E is in a higher class all by itself. You can read my thoughts about that movie here, and here, and here. I doubt you'll be hearing any more from me about UP.

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