Thursday, May 28, 2009

Standing at Sinai

היום תשעה וארבעים יומים שהם שבעה שבועות לעמר
Today is the forty-
ninth day of the omer - seven weeks
מלכת שבמלכת

A day of majesty in a week of majesty

This is it, the counting is now complete. Am I prepared for revelation? I'm not sure....

My spiritual struggles seem to be the thread weaving its way through this year's omer posts. I keep looking for balance that seems so elusive at times. I walk the fine line between seeking and acceptance. I'm often not sure what it is I'm looking for; I hope I know when I find "it." But then again, I must remember it's about the journey and not the outcome.

I hope my musings have meant something to the readers who have found their way here. Some of you I know--some of you I don't. I would love to hear from any of you who have followed my journey this year. Feel free to send me an email, or just comment here anonymously. It would be great to share in the connection. I will continue to write, just not every day. So please, continue to tune in :)

And as we approach that moment at Sinai, let me say....

חג שמח
Chag Sameach

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