Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter arrives

In the Jewish calendar, a solilunar calendar, Chanukah always begins on the 25th of Kislev. The celebration stays in the fall/winter season but it travels around the days a bit. Last year, Chanukah started the night of Christmas and ran into January. Some years Chanukah starts during Thanksgiving weekend. Contained in the 8 days this year is the Winter Solstice.

Chanukah this year also marked the start of winter weather in San Francisco. While today's rain wasn't the first of the season, it was the first in conjunction with the colder temperatures which arrived on the weekend. Yes, twenty years in San Francisco has made me a "weather wimp." Snow is no longer the harbinger of winter--having to wear socks all the time now marks the season. I guess you could say our climate here is more in keeping with the holiday--of all the things the Maccabees had to deal with, snow and sleet was not among them.

But for many of you it is that time when the chill is in the air, so warm yourself with the laughter that I know will accompany your viewing of this video. Yes, it's silly, but you've got to give them credit, it is fun to watch. Enjoy!

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