Monday, December 18, 2006

Wiki Hanukkah

One advantage of writing this Hanukkah series of posts is taking the time to search the web for all things Hannukah. And as I see what's there I need to decide which ones I would like to share and, in essence, promote.

For the most easily accessed and thorough information on Hanukkah with no frills, go to this Wikipedia page. Yes, you always have to realize that it's Wikipedia so you shouldn't take for granted that everything is correct. I didn't read it all, but what I saw looked good. There's something for everyone--history, ritual, customs, culture. In the great transliterated spelling debate they fall in the Hanukkah camp, but any spelling you put in the Wikipedia search engine will get you to the right page.

The last category in the table of contents is "External Links." Clicking on the "Hanukkah videos" link brought me to the Chanukah videos page of, what else, the Chabad site I wrote about on the second night.

For this fourth night's offering, I give you a link to "An Astronaut's Chanukah Adventure," one of the videos you will find on that page. (I don't have the technological knowledge to embed that on the blog so you'll have to follow the link.) When you watch the video, note the fancy "" opening graphic. Not surprisingly they have some of the best looking video I've seen on the web.

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