Sunday, January 28, 2007

All Minyan, All the Time

There's a corner of Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY, that epitomizes the New York moniker as "the city that never sleeps" in a way one wouldn't normally expect. In this article in today's NYC edition of the New York Times, you can read about:
". . . Congregation Shomrei Shabbos, a 24-hour synagogue where a service begins every 15 minutes. What started more than three-quarters of a century ago as a tiny congregation has grown into a mainstay of this community: transit hub, soup kitchen, community center, bookstore and prayer hall all in one."
I definitely have my issues with the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox and their relationship to the world, but I have to smile as I read this even as I know my full participation in their minyan would not be welcome. It's fascinating to read how the surrounding environment has grown around the activity generated by the shul.

Thanks once again to orthomom for showing me different places in the Orthodox Jewish world. I have a feeling this article will be making the rounds in the Jewish blogsphere.

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