Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's a life cycle kind of day. But while reading the featured wedding in this past Sunday's NY Times (see post below) sickened me, reading this obituary in today's SF Chronicle fed my soul.
"There are tears on the computer keyboard today as I write this obituary to announce the passing of John Levy."
We then learned the story of John Bernard Levy's life. Born in Germany in 1921, a highlight of his childhood was a visit aboard the airship Graph Zeppelin. A low point, the arrest and subsequent death of his parents in a Nazi concentration camp. Mr Levy escaped to Switzerland, obtained a visa for Paraquay, and immigrated to San Francisco after the war. He is described as "an exceptionally kind and generous human being . . [he] had no immediate family, but always considered his friends to be family. He will be sadly missed by all those who knew him."

When I got to the part that read "His greatest pleasure in life was holding his annual birthday party," I felt a tie to this man I never knew. Someone else who understood that one's birthday is a way to honor all lives and spread joy to others. The joy he spread is evident in the anonymously written notice that came straight from the heart.

I wish I knew this smiling man who obviously shared his bright spirit with others.

John Bernard Levy - Zichrono L'vracha
I know your memory will be a blessing to your many friends.

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Barbara said...

Ne ho guella, outa wil, querreiraz impanter!!! Bibuia guem hum? Todostri quesegumae billagolpe! Vosams questosi gos, um rou krilha. Videia, sti cas enstrettom un etn, vortar ya kiniziacei variol por?