Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There's still work to be done

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, and the blogsphere was full of tributes to that great man, complete with audio and video links. If you've never experienced his "I have a dream" speech, I encourage you to sit back and watch it in it's entirety--here's a link. His stand for a non-violent path towards freedom for all rings true to this day over 40 years later.

The enemies of equality and unity are still around us, using technological advances of our time to spread their hatred. If you have any doubts, Google Martin Luther King. Towards the top of the list you'll find a site called "Martin Luther King, A True Historical Examination" The description of the site is "The truth about Martin Luther King: Includes historical trivia, articles and picture. A valuable resource for teachers and students alike." Seems legitimate enough--the address for the site is www.martinlutherking.org. How can that be anything but real??

But you'll soon see the true purpose of the resource--it shouldn't take long. Under the guise of historical reference this site has been created by Stormfront to spread their hateful ideals of white supremacy and domination. While the readers of this blog will catch on quickly to their propaganda, what about the influence this will have on school-aged kids all over the world?

Sexual pornography is not the only danger lurking on the internet. We need to be aware of the need for media literacy, to teach both children and adults to discern the difference between sources of information and forces of manipulation.

There is still work to do to keep Martin Luther King's dream alive.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen over 20 blog posts in the past two months condemning it, but I haven't seen 1 post proving anything on that website wrong -- ever.