Sunday, November 05, 2006

What is Religion?

Because of my known investment in my Jewish practice people tend to engage me in discussions about religion. One phrase I hear alot is "I don't believe in organized religion." I hear it from all age groups, from teenagers to adults in their 60s. Now, a look at my synagogue and the Conservative Jewish denomination it's affiliated with and one could say that if anything, it's Dis-organized religion--but that's a topic for other posts.

I've been pondering this concept of "organized religion" for the better part of this past year. On the one hand, I know what most people mean when they use those words--but what do they really mean? And why do so many people find the concept so unacceptable?

Today I realized I needed to first define religion--something that is a touchstone for some and a repulsive concept to others.

My definition of religion is a set of beliefs accompanied by the practice of rituals that are supported with a community.

Anyone care to add their thoughts? Comments are welcome.

This will be continued.........

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