Monday, November 06, 2006

Uniquely San Francisco

This is an accident that could only happen in San Francisco.

A SFMUNI bus - the 24 Divisidero - was heading North up Noe Street from 29th Street. It's an incline, although far from the steepest street in the area. It appears that while trying to pass a garbage truck, the bus lost power. These are electric buses that run on power from overhead lines. Bus poles separating from their power lines are a regular occurrence, as any SF rider knows. But I've never had it happen on a hill. Anyway, the driver got out to reattach the poles to the overhead lines. A man I spoke to said that the driver did empty the bus and put blocks behind the wheels to prevent the bus from moving backward. Obviously, they didn't hold. The bus careened down the slope hitting 8 parked vehicles before crashing into an apartment house at the bottom of the hill. Not far to go, but pit a big bus against small cars and trucks--well, you do the math.

The good news is no one was hurt--you can read the story here.

I took these photos two hours after the incident and can tell you that on my way home two hours later the bus was just being towed away.

A reminder why on my block, which is much steeper, there is not only no bus lines but no street cleaning. The garbage trucks do manage to make it up and down. I hope they never go out of control.

UPDATE: Here's a photo taken in the late afternoon. As you can see, everything has been cleared. Notice that no one wants to park there :) I'm sure the spots will fill this evening, but it will be interesting to see what the local news footage will be and if that will have any impact on the parking situation.....

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