Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Note to Performers with Websites

As a visual editor, I know that when you make a demo reel to feature your work, you keep the samples as short as you can and get to the juicy stuff as soon as possible. This way you keep the interest of the viewers and hope that if they like what they see they will keep looking--even check out some other pieces you provide.

Today I've been doing some internet research, searching for some scholar-in-residence possibilities for Beth Sholom. One route I'm investigating is music, in the realms of scholarship, leadership and performance. As I look at the performer's websites, I certainly listen to the tracks provided to get a feel for the artist. And that's where I've run into a bit of frustration.

So to any vocal performers with websites reading this post--GET RID OF THE 30 SECOND INSTRUMENTAL INTRO ON YOUR 2 MINUTE (OR UNDER) SAMPLE TRACK!!!! I want to hear your voice as well as your song. I don't want to hear your instrumentation--I want to hear you and as much of your song as I can. One sample went so far as to end just as the singing began. THIS DOES NOT HELP ME GET A FEEL FOR WHO YOU ARE!!. And it certainly doesn't help you get a booking. If you don't want to rerecord the track, make a version that fades up before the voice starts. Please, coming from an editor and a possible client--take this advice to heart.

Okay, I feel better now.......back to our irregularly scheduled blog.

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