Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Family's Loss

I've written before about my practice of reading the obituaries each morning. In part it is a way to honor those people, to hear the stories of their lives written by loved ones. There are the times when the information given is sparce and the story needs to be read between the lines. And then there are the stories, both in and between the lines, that touch my heart.

In this morning's paper, at the bottom of one column I read of the passing of Michael Shouliakovsky - "Born Sept 27, 1957 in S.F. and died tragically at home November 13, 2006." The only family connection mentioned is in the phrase "Devoted and loving son of Elizabeth and the late Walter Shouliakovsky."

At the top of the next column was a notice of the passing of Walter M. Shouliakovsky - "Passed away peacefully at home November 14, 2006 at the age of 84 years." The only family connection mentioned for him is "Devoted and loving husband to Elizabeth and loved father to the late Michael Shuouliakovsky."

My heart goes out to Elizabeth Shouliaskovsky, wife and mother, who must be grief stricken with her losses. May she find healing, and may their memories be a blessing to her.

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