Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tis the Season . . .

. . . to sit back and check out of the madness.

Each year, right after Thanksgiving, I become especially glad to be Jewish. My big deal, lots to do holiday season is now a couple of months past. I stay out of the malls and let the Christmas specials just pass me by. I can easily opt out of the material feeding frenzy. With everyone else running around being a bit crazy, there's plenty of space left in which to relax.

I do love Christmas Day--it has the quietest morning of the year. I realize that inside houses there's probably lots of present opening hoopla, but the outside world is very calm. The change in the outside ambiance starts the night before. Funny, Christmas Day--Jesus' birthday--actually begins at Christmas Eve, the night before. Perhaps an homage to the fact that Jesus was a Jew?

There's one more reason for me to enjoy this season--it's the one time of year I can get Silk's "Soy Nog." It's tasty and rich; I heat it and drink it in coffee and tea. I have been known to add some rum--it's good for what ails you ;) And maybe best of all, it's pareve, so you can use it in desserts for any meal. Locally in San Francisco you can get it in some Safeways, Mollie Stones, Rainbow and Whole Foods. I assume it's available nationally wherever Silk products are sold. So if you like egg nog, check it out--it's a definite treat of the season.

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