Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back with the Breath of Yoga

היום אחד ששה עשר יום שהם שני שבועות ושני ימים בעמר
Today is sixteen days, which is two weeks and two days of the omer
גבורה שבתפארת
A day of strength in a week of compassion

I don't know why I take time off from my yoga practice. It's not just the wonderful things it does with my body. There's such a positive effect on my mental state. I just feel better.

So, why have I had these periods of stoppage? Quite frankly, I don't know. But rather than spend the energy figuring that out, I'd rather approach each return like the first breath of meditation. That first breath is the best breath--your posture is firm yet relaxed; your mind is clear and present. Then, all too soon, you're back in thinking mode. When that happens, I tell my students, reset and go back to that first breath. If, in a period of meditation, you can string together a series of first breaths, you get the present focus you need.

Basking in a new first breath of yoga - hoping I can keep that beginner's mind.

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