Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Star Spangled Minyan

It seems that on holidays when you might think it would be harder to get a minyan together, we get a nice crowd. This morning we had about twenty people gathering at 8a.m. for Shacharit in the Shapiro Room at the Beth Sholom school building since the JCCSF was closed today.

There was a wonderful ruach, spirit, to our davening this morning. Maybe it was because everyone was in a relaxed place due to the holiday, maybe because we were together in our home, maybe because the bright sunlight showed the promise of a warm, fog-free day--whatever the reason, it felt really good. Rabbi Hyman, in his first week as our rabbi, gave a wonderful drash about the rights of all in our world--both on a human level and in nature. It's such a blessing to see him start this new journey with us and among us, as opposed to remaining separate and above us. It's a model of leadership that is not only what we need, but seems so appropriate for this holiday honoring the birth of our country.

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