Friday, June 22, 2007

Brain Waves

Today is my friend Roma's 42nd birthday. I know she will celebrate with joy, as she does most things, even if conditions are not ideal.

You see, a few months ago, Roma was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor which, thankfully, turned out to benign. But there were complications that come when cutting into this delicate area, and after spending 4 weeks in the hospital--not the expected 3-5 days--Roma is now in a rehab center in Kentfield, Marin County. She is cognizant of everything and everyone around her, but cannot easily communicate or move on her own. The doctors seem confident that with 3-5 months of physical therapy she will have a full recovery. We can only hope that their prognosis is correct.

It's hard to imagine this tall (6'2"), strong, active woman in such a state. A healer in her own right--with massage, herbs, and acupuncture--she now puts herself in the hands of healers. She has a strong community of friends and family looking after her. All positive energy helps, so please, keep her in your healing prayers.

Happy Birthday, Roma Jean.
I expect to take in a Stanford Woman's basketball game with you next season.

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