Tuesday, May 01, 2012

What kind of community are we?

היום ארבעה ועשרים יום שהם שלשה שבועות ושלשה ימים לעומר
Today is twenty-four days, which is three weeks and three days of the omer
תפארת שבנצח
A day of compassion in a week of perseverance

Some communities are transient -- they exist in a particular time and space-and then they're gone.
Some communities have longevity -- there is a collective memory that links the generations.
People cycle in and out
Some leaders, some followers, some just along for the ride
At best--we support each other
At worst--we keep "the other" down
Communities can harm
Communities can heal
How do we focus on the best we can do
And learn to leave the worst behind

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