Monday, January 19, 2009

Sharing Torah Moments

This morning, exactly one week after I read Torah at the shiva minyan for Mitzi--I read Torah at the shiva minyan for Rabbi Lew. At the service for Mitzi, I gave a very short drash--call it a "drashlet"--based on a teaching I got from Rabbi Lew (the same one I used in the speech posted here in an earlier post).

Today, I shared a moment I had with Rabbi Lew one late-spring Saturday mincha. I was chanting Torah that day, and needed to roll the Torah to the correct spot--somewhere in Bamidbar/Numbers. As I perused the scrolls, looking for the start of the reading, Rabbi Lew leaned over and said:
"וידבר יי אל משה לאמר" "God spoke to Moshe and said"-
a phrase that starts the huge majority of paragraphs in that part of the Torah. It's a standard, geeky, Torah reader joke.

The love of Torah--reading, chanting, studying, holding, touching, breathing, even joking about Torah--is something I shared with Rabbi Lew.

I know that all who studied with Rabbi Lew will continue to pass his teachings to the next generations.

The photos posted here are from a Makor Retreat in August, 2002.

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