Monday, May 14, 2007

Counting the Omer Day 41 - 5 weeks, 6 days

Today is Yesod she b'Yesod - a day of foundation in a week of foundation.

The Soprano's television series is about to end its run. Ken and I started watching sometime during Season 2, and have been faithfully following it since. In the last episodes of this final 6th season the violence has definitely been ratcheted up a huge notch. And I am finding that for the first time, I cannot watch it. Last Sunday, about a half hour into the program, I walked out of the living room and away from the TV. I can't even remember what visual triggered this reaction. Yesterday I chose not to watch at all.

I don't think I'm reacting to the blood and guts on the screen. After all, Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorite movies. It's the aggressive evilness of everything--senseless violence to the nth degree. It's the sounds as well as the sights. It all adds up and I feel physically ill, nauseous.

I'm not passing judgement on all of you who are watching this fine series. The fact that I'm so affected shows the quality of this series. I know the writing and acting are superb. I'm sure I will watch those episodes at some time. But for now, I cannot take those blows that seem to touch my spirit and soul. It may be representative of the beastly side of the human condition, but I'd rather not face that reality right now.

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