Monday, August 28, 2006

KPIG - AM, FM, Webcast

I know, it's a bit strange to see a pig reference on my blog, but this has nothing to do with food. It's a radio station I've just found, and it's different enough in these days of all corporate all the time that I'd like to write about it.

I was drawn to the station by a bus ad--you see, advertising does work--that had, on the list of artists they played, John Prine, a favorite of mine. There were other artists I liked, so I took note of the station ID - 1510AM, and started listening this weekend.

The first music I heard was a bluegrass, country mix--something I usually only hear on KALW during their Saturday afternoon folk block. This morning's offering was just a nice mix of folk, blues, even a bit of reggae. That's what happens when real people are doing the programming they want instead of relying on a playlist.

Another plus is there seem to be few, if any, commercials. Maybe this is because this station is new to the San Francisco Bay Area radio zone. I find that new stations start out mostly commercial-free, and then pick up advertisers as they pick up listeners. But from what I can get from the info page on their website the station, run out of Freedom, California, near Santa Cruz, has been broadcasting since 2003. They have an FM outlet there, 107.5. But they seem to be picking up steam and areas--their on-the-hour station ids mention AM stations in San Luis Obispo and Petaluma. You can also listen to a webcast of the station, just go their website - (what else?!)

So, either on the radio or on the web, check out "The PIG". It may be traif for the stomach, but not for the ears.

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