Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weed like to welcome you

Get it? It took me a little, too. Just say it out loud--"Weed like to welcome you." Yes, it's corny, but hey--it's Weed.....
So what does this have to with our road trip to Vancouver?

The town of Weed, California, was our first stopping point. It was just the right distance for our first day of driving. We left San Francisco at 10a.m. and got to Weed at 4p.m. Enough time to walk around a bit--we even made it to the Weed Museum, a building that once served as the courthouse and the jail. It now houses all sorts of relics and photographs--some have historical significance, some serve as a snapshot of times past. We got there at 4:45p.m., fifteen minutes before closing time. But Harold, the keeper of the museum, gave us the full tour anyway. Here's Ken checking out the big old movie projector. In the background you'll see a late 19th century stagecoach.

Weed is a small town, with not many dining options. We asked Harold where to eat dinner, and he suggested that we drive 9 miles south to Mt. Shasta for dinner--a good call. But I still would recommend Weed to anyone needing a good stopping place for a California road trip. The air is crisp and clean, and the beauty of Mt Shasta is visible everywhere. For Ken and myself, it was a place we could start to leave San Francisco behind, take a deep breath, and really begin our vacation.

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